Solarplanet365 Care Instructions

You need to maintain a Solar Products for long lasting performance. Usually, the maintenance service is provided by the professional solar operators, but in many cases you may need to do this job by your own. This work includes inspection of different parts of the Solar Power Systems & their cleaning.

Learn about how to care a Solar Power System at home.

Before maintenance, you need to understand the basics of a Solar Power Systems functioning, than it would not be difficult to know about its maintenance procedure.

Solar Panels Cleaning.

Solar Panels installed at your home needs to cleaned every month for getting better efficiency from them, Dust particles creates a gap between sun light and Solar panel surface which directly effects the power output from them.
We should clean them from water so that dust particles washed away and make surface clean for sun light.

Battery maintenance.

In Solar Power systems, backup is provided by the batteries connected with along with them. These batteries store the DC power and we can utilise stored power when sun is not available. Batteries connected should be checked for water level;

Follow These General Safety Rules:

>>  Keep the maintenance work area clean.
>>  Be alert and pay attention to the risk factors related to this work.
>>  Be safe from all electrical dangers and pay attention to the risks of electric shock, electrical accidents and burn injuries etc.
>>  Use safety equipments like protective gloves, shoes, helmet and safety goggles etc.
>>  Always keep a first-aid-kit for emergency.
>>  Read the safety manual shared by the manufacture carefully. Never start maintenance operation unless safety instructions are not fulfilled.
>>  Avoid working alone.